Craftsmanship for 175 years.

We are certainly costumers, but we are also much more.

Derri era this cult place that some know, hide a lot of things.

Since 1845, your dresses and outfits have been made on Boulevard du Palais.

We also have the Label Made in Paris.

Anxious to preserve the way to build a gown, the tailor-made, the gathers and other details which make the elegance of the dress, and this in the greatest respect of the uses, we are also the Living Heritage Company of France.

Finally, in search of the most beautiful and delicate materials, permanently, for your outfits, we are proud to be Atelier d'Art.

When you come to Maison Bosc, you don't just order your dress, but you have a piece of history, your piece of art.

"The guardian of a sartorial tradition "