We are very pleased to welcome you to the Maison BOSC which has manufactured since 1845 the most prestigious legal and academic dress in France and abroad.

Legal as well as academic robes are the oldest costumes still worn and the most ancient tradition alive.

Wearing a robe for the judicial professions is primarily a requirement and more importantly, an international tradition with minor costume differences between nations.

“The dress is above all the symbol of justice. Its entire history (since the middle age) shows that the judicial dress gives superior authority to judges and lawyers and strongly support their actions. Among the many symbols of justice contributing to its ritual character (the scales, the blindfold, the sword), the dress is the only one still visually relevant.

It also clarifies each one's role. For citizens attending a trial for the first time, costume plays a key role in understanding the conduct of the hearing. It also  significantly contributes to the ceremonial aspect of justice, emphasizing its social dimension.

The individual and his personality disappear behind the dress: be one of the actors of a court decision  using rights and duties related to his role. The world of justice being part of the "noblesse de robe", with all the visible and distinctive signs, creates a real distance from the simple citizen (the longer the dress, the higher the ranking).

The dress thus seems to draw a clear line between two worlds: the profane's world and the “extraordinary world”. It helps create a feeling of a timeless justice, disconnected from any kind of trends or fashions, which  follow one another so quickly.

But wearing the dress, which is an obligation, not an option, is linked to the oath and therefore does not only give rights but also duties. "

Olivier des Moutis, Maison Bosc